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Experience 13: HOME – October 12, 2014 until February 1, 2015

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HOME explores the way we perceive comfort within our own four walls. Whether “gemütlich” or rather cool, if you leave your door open for art, it most certainly influences your beloved place. We all have very distinct intuitions – call them “personal tastes” – about what feels right to us. Art in general can shock or inspire. It can make you feel in harmony with your surroundings or it can represent your dark side. Whether it appears to be a lurid status symbol or a silent sign of comfort, art will reveal your essence for all to see in a most personal way.

Do old masterpieces bore you to tears? Are you only interested in letting the brightness of contemporary art lighten up your home? Or would you rather ignore modern installations, dismissing them caustically as “pieces of junk”? Can your home become more fragile with the value of art, or is it part of the foundation of your eternal castle? Does art transform home into “sweet home” or do high-design kitchen accessories totally turn you off? What kind of art, for that matter, is allowed in the bathroom? Did you ever combine your own artworks from kindergarten with the ones that your children created? (And if so, have you ever compared them?) What are the pieces at home you feel most attached to? Do you think you can turn them into a piece of art merely by looking at them, or do they always stay as they are? Does any artwork in your home remind you of your grandparents? If you think art at home can possibly detach you from time, ESMoA’s new experience may be the spark that accomplishes it.

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