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Experience 15: SPARK – February 22 until May 24, 2015

Spark Blue Lady

SPARK explores the ways we feel inspiration. It follows the path from being inspired to inspiring others, from the first nanosecond of electric impulse that bursts in the brain – a.k.a., an “idea” – to the birth of a work in the outside world. All of us have inspiring moments. All of us have fantastic ideas. Some of them are meant to be private. Others may not be suitable for the real world but are so powerful that they find their way into our lives anyway. Still others are so spectacular that they never leave the realm of thought, because those who conceptualize them are unable to share their inner views.

How does fantasy reach the “real” world? Is there a “real” world? Is there a connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds? Can the roots of this connection be found in “Inspiration” and “Imagination”? Does it start with a dream or does it come from hard work? How do things evolve? Do things have to be unique and individual in order to be born, or is the source of appearance to be found in combined willpower and cooperation? Who is a spectator and who is a creator? Are both the same and, if so, how do they interact? Is art and creation the visual proof of our transcendence? From thought to matter? Crazy questions, yes – maybe even childish ones in a world full of reason. […]

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