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Experience 19: TOUCH October 11 until January 31, 2016


The magic of the LA art scene over the last four decades: portraits of artists in their studios by photographer Jim McHugh and a selection of original artworks by these artists. The exhibition is curated by Edward Goldman, Host of KCRW’s “Art Talk”.

Experience 19: TOUCH explores our ways to feel authenticity. It takes the rare opportunity to juxtaposition the artistic portrait and artistic works of LA artists from four decades. It will challenge our perceptions of reality, imagination, rumor, expectation and evaluation. Furthermore the experience TOUCH will embrace a seldom phenomena taking place in the United States for more than forty years. The phenomena of artists wandering west. TOUCH will engage the visitor to find out for himself whether this phenomena becomes part of authentic artworks or adds to the authenticity of the portraits involved?

What is a portrait? An objective reflection of light banned on film and printed on paper? A subjective composition of the photographer? An intimate agreement between two artists? What makes the portrait of artists so special? Who is the person behind the artist? What does his work look like? Did the work play a role in the photographer’s composition? Is his work authentic? Does the artist look like his works? Does it really matter, what the artist looks like? Can you see traces of work in his face? What made artists come to Los Angeles? Do they have something in common? Do artist in general have something in common? Or is it all about Diversity? […]

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