Experience 02:


February 8 - April 8, 2013

Anti-Ark consisted in an oceanfront display of works by German artist Michael Sistig that draw attention to the significant issues of sustainability in a very public manner. The public installation was based upon three paintings created by Sistig over the past five years. A combination of conundrums – that is, the containers, the polar bear, and the siren – is intended to spark the minds of viewers whose inevitable questions help ignite the works of art. The installation involved washed-up [...]

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Experience 01:


January 27 - April 28, 2013

Who isn’t driven by Desire? Without question, it is one of the strongest sources of motivation. It is not, however, a word most of us would plug into Google in hopes of bringing up images of landscape, nature and sustainability. Yet with its opening experience, ESMoA is doing exactly that! Assembling a bizarre yet beautiful collection of desirable artworks that introduce the exhibition platform’s curatorial principles of chaos and paradox to ignite creative query. Chaotic Ingredients: Romantic and realistic views, [...]

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