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Artist in Residence

ESMoA offers a full work/live studio and hosts three to four international artists a year. Artist in Residence (AiR) participants live in the space and have the opportunity to collaborate with ESMoA staff and the El Segundo community on innovative artistic projects.

There is no application process. Artists are nominated by the Curator and the ESMoA Advisory Board. ESMoA also partners with two esteemed academic institutions, OTIS College of Art and Design, and The Royal Drawing School in London, who select the AiR from February-April and July-September of each year, respectively. This collaboration continues to support young, emerging artists.

List of artists at ESMoA Art in Residence Program:

  • Michael Sistig – Germany
  • Arnar Ásgeirsson – Iceland
  • Matthew Carter – USA
  • Karim Hamid – USA
  • Lo Chen Peng – Taiwan
  • José Fidel García Valenzuela, Dennis Izquierdo Valdés, Mauricio Lazzar Abad Ramos, Celia Irina González Álvarez, Yunior Aguiar Perdomo – Cuba
  • Amely Spötzl – Germany
  • Jurgis Paškevičius – Lithuania
  • Christof Zwiener – Germany
  • Andy Harper – UK
  • Jeff Guess – France
  • Martin Galle – Germany
  • Jake Garfield – UK
  • So Young Park – South Korea
  • Taka Kagitomi – Japan
  • Veronique Joumard – France
  • Saverio De Bernardis – Italy
  • Oliver Mulvihill – UK
  • Juliana Rosales – Uruguay
  • Maria Di Stefano – Italy
  • Rosalie Le Forestier – France
  • Max Naylor – UK
  • Frency and Ley MA – Cuba
  • Abigail Raynolds – UK
  • Pierre Lefrançois – France
  • Arnaud Mirman – France