The Ruins of Time: Lost Libraries of the Silk Road at El Segundo Library

Edited by Holly M. Crawford, Manager of Education. In 2016, artist Abigail Reynolds received a BMW Art Journey award to explore libraries that no longer exist. Abigail’s project took her across many countries in Europe and Asia, including Italy, Iran, China, and Turkey. For her five-month journey, Abigail accomplished most of her research by motorbike. As ESMoA Artist-in-Residence in late-December 2017, Abigail and ESMoA staff organized two programs to talk about her journey and newly published book, Lost Libraries. One [...]

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A HOPEful Start: Reflections on Cultivating Creativity through Gallery Teaching

Submitted by Sohayla Pagano, Education Specialist After several months as a volunteer, I recently started working at ESMoA as an Education Specialist. My start coincided with the installation and opening of Experience 31: HOPE, an ambitious collection of video and new-media art by Cuban artists from the 1960s through today. As an Education Specialist, my primary roles are to lead discussion-based gallery tours of HOPE for PK-12 school groups visiting ESMoA, as well as to create activities for multigenerational visitors [...]

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Submitted by Sherri Sylvester One of our most popular programs at ESMoA is JUST DRAW. Each Friday, adult participants are invited to join us for an hour of drawing in the gallery. Drawing club members begin the day with some quick drawing exercises and take inspiration for larger drawing projects from the artworks on view. Sherri Sylvester is a regular at JUST DRAW. During ESMoA’s BRAIN Experience, Sherri challenged herself to draw the 396 portraits of Nobel Prize winners photographed [...]

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Responding to Change: A Museum Educator’s Reflection

Submitted by Nathalie Sanchez, Education Specialist. On June 6th, I attended my first Museum Educators of Southern California (MESC) event, which happened to be the end-of-the-year convening of museum educators from across southern California. This year’s event was titled “Annual Institute: Responding to Change.” These “changes”  including the introduction of MESC’s revised mission, values and vision statements, transition of MESC Board Members, and two presentations on engagement strategies when addressing difficult conversations with visitors during these turbulent times. Led by [...]

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The [Intern]al Perspective: Week One

Submitted by Sadiah Thompson, Social-Media Marketing Intern. I was warned my first week at ESMoA would be unlike any other simply because it was the opening week of their new show, Experience 29: NOEMA, a collaboration with the Getty Research Institute (GRI). I could tell everyone was mentally and physically preparing themselves for the busy days ahead, but I on the other hand, was anxious to tackle any task thrown my way. Little did I know my tasks for the [...]

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The work inside: reflections on the 2017 California Association of Museums Conference

Submitted by Holly M. Crawford, Manager of Education As education professionals, ESMoA Educators go to conferences from time to time to share what we have been working on in the art lab and to learn about what our colleagues are doing at museums and cultural organizations around the world. In March, I attended the California Association of Museums (CAM) Conference as a presenter and it was inspiring, informative, and fun! The theme for this year's conference was Influence & Action, [...]

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What is Their Message?

Submitted by Karin Trommer, Volunteer When I started to volunteer at ESMoA in the Fall of 2016, preparations for BRAIN were in full swing. Joining the busy beehive at ESMoA in their work to turn portraits of 396 Nobel Prize winners of the past 20 years into an ESMoA Experience, my task was to research a number of the award winners for famous quotes and meaningful statements. To accompany the visitors’ experience, these quotes were to be printed and laid [...]

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An American Museum Educator in Dubai

Submitted by Chelsea Hogan, Education Specialist One day in November 2015, I arrived at ESMoA with coffee in hand ready to teach a school group. Eva Sweeney, one of ESMoA’s founders greeted me cheerfully. She had just returned from a Global Private Museum Summit in Shanghai, China, and was brimming with ideas and energy. “So. Do you want to go to Dubai?” She asked. I probably responded with something like “Um….sure?” But as I listened to her tell me more, [...]

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Summer Camp @ ESMoA

Submitted by Nayila Moore, Teen Intern Prior to attending ESMoA’s Summer Camp, I primarily created portraits using pastels. Despite my love for pastels and portraits, I grew tired of doing the same type of pieces. I wanted to venture into different styles and mediums of art but I just did not know how. I was excited to hear that ESMoA not only had a Summer Camp, but had one for artists my age, I thought this was a perfect way [...]

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The Teen Thing

Submitted by Sarah Hansford, Teen Intern Though ESMoA wasn’t my first job or internship of my high school career, I knew the first (and the last) day that it would be the most rewarding. ESMoA has taught me invaluable workplace skills, like how to properly make French press coffee and to never celebrate a German’s birthday before their actual birthday. They have also taught me slightly more practical skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and how to make a play program with Word Doc. I [...]

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