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School Field Trips

ESMoA provides FREE field trips for school and community groups Tuesday-Thursday by advanced appointment, as well as accompanying Pre-visits to your classroom.

ESMoA Field Trips 

During a field trip to ESMoA, Education Specialists develop age-tailored school programs that stimulate creativity and interest in art. Students engage in a variety of multi-sensory forms of expression including sketching, movement, pair–sharing, and group discussion. They make personal connections, incorporate problem solving, and spark critical thinking using the art on display as a primary source. In addition, students use various materials to create their own piece of art inspired by the Experience.

ESMoA field trips are 90-minutes, which includes 45 minutes of art making and 45 minutes of gallery discussion. ESMoA will tailor field trips according to teacher needs, classroom size, and student age range. Educators can also customize lessons based on curriculum alignment or other special requests on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-visit at your school

Prior to a field trip, ESMoA Education Specialists come to your classroom for a 30-minute Pre-visit. They bring a work of art or an artifact related to the current Experience, and engage students through inquiry-based strategies. During the Pre-visit, students will discover new ways of looking and get excited for their upcoming trip to ESMoA.

Scheduling Information

Available time slots are Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30am-11:00am and 11:15am-12.45pm. Each lesson is accompanied by a Pre-visit in the classroom led by Education Specialists. Teachers can schedule Pre-visits in the classroom during dates and times that best fit the needs of their schedule.

To schedule a school field trip, or if you have transportation concerns or any other questions, please contact  [email protected] or call (424) 277-1020.