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Sunday May 21st 1:00pm & 2:00pm

Artist in Residence Open Studio & Performance: Rosalie Le Forestier

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION : Performing in a Museum

Rosalie Le Forestier presents a cycle of three performances as part of her thesis: Can we perform personal feelings? Taking place in the artist’s studio, which has been turned into a museum, each performance builds upon the other and is meant to be experienced sequentially.

About Rosalie Le Forestier
Rosalie Le Forestier is a student of The National School of Arts Paris-Cergy, France. This semester she is an exchange student of the MFA Fine Arts at Otis College of Arts and Design.

Rosalie’s passion lies in both sociology and performance art, influenced by theoretical concepts as it is by personal events. Using a process of “ auto-analysis”, a concept coined by the French philosopher Didier Eribon, she explores questions of intimacy as well as personal and physical reappropriation through her performance work. Her performances and shows are a mixture of spoken songs, drawings, videos, and installations.

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