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Sunday March 05 2017 10am-5pm

Please join us for the Grand Opening of Experience 27: ELSEGUNDISSIMO. Curatorial remarks will take place at 2:00pm.

Experience 27 is about you, the citizens of El Segundo, as you celebrate our city’s 100th anniversary. And it is about you, visitors from all parts of the world, coming to LA. ELSEGUNDISSIMO* will be a crowd-sourced Experience, based on your feedback. What could be done better in our city? What are the sore spots, the sticking points, the areas that need improvement? How can we strengthen the connection between the east and west sides of Sepulveda? Whatever you can think of will be addressed.


CREATE – Gear up!  11:00am to 3:00pm

Explore ELSEGUNDISSIMO with family and friends, take part in a scavenger hunt, and create and design your own bike or vehicle to ride around town! Art making materials are available for all ages and skill levels. 

Admission: FREE

* -issimo added to an adverb, this suffix is an intensifier which adds a qualifier of “extremely” or “remarkably.”