Welcome to the ArtLab Report

Submitted by Holly M. Crawford, Education Specialist

Hello friends! It’s with great joy and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the ArtLab Report, a blog dedicated to spreading the spark of creativity.

Do you ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes of an art laboratory? Are you interested in a career in the arts? Are you a teacher, parent, or mentor looking for education resources or tips on how to engage children or adult learners with art? Are you an artist looking for inspiration? Are you searching the internet for a fun and dynamic institution to visit with your family and friends visiting from out of town? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the space for you!

If this is your first encounter with ESMoA, we are an art laboratory located in El Segundo, California. We believe that art is a vehicle for learning more about the world and ourselves. Here you will find personal accounts and observations from our educators, interns, curators, artists, and collaborators about our Experiences and diverse educational offerings. We hope that you will find this platform fun, informative, and provocative.

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