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One of our most popular programs at ESMoA is JUST DRAW. Each Friday, adult participants are invited to join us for an hour of drawing in the gallery. Drawing club members begin the day with some quick drawing exercises and take inspiration for larger drawing projects from the artworks on view.

Sherri Sylvester is a regular at JUST DRAW. During ESMoA’s BRAIN Experience, Sherri challenged herself to draw the 396 portraits of Nobel Prize winners photographed by featured artist Peter Badge. We are excited to share some of Sherri’s drawings and her thoughts about her experience here.

“A friend told me about the drawing club at ESMoA, but I was not expecting it to change my life. Barbara (ESMoA Special Projects) and the rest of the women were so friendly and inclusive. I was inspired to see my drawing improving with each class. I love the atmosphere at the art lab.

[Experience 25] BRAIN was put up, I challenged myself to draw all the Nobel Prize recipients. I wasn’t really serious in the beginning that I would finish, but thought I would at least do a few. As I got into it, I felt I was getting to know each one. I would sit in the thinking, I’ll just do one more, then I’ll go home.
Hours went by so fast that I would lose all sense of time. By the time I was half way completed, I was totally obsessed that I actually finished all.
My last drawings were so much better than my first. I would like to start all over again. I will be so sad to see that Experience go down. It will be like losing my friends.”


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JUST DRAW is ESMoA’s informal adult drawing club that meets regularly on Fridays from 10 am to 11 am. No prior drawing experience is required to attend. Come and draw with us!

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