Summer Camp @ ESMoA

Submitted by Nayila Moore, Teen Intern

Prior to attending ESMoA’s Summer Camp, I primarily created portraits using pastels. Despite my love for pastels and portraits, I grew tired of doing the same type of pieces. I wanted to venture into different styles and mediums of art but I just did not know how.

I was excited to hear that ESMoA not only had a Summer Camp, but had one for artists my age, I thought this was a perfect way for me to try something new with my artwork.

One highlight for me during camp was working with paint, a medium I was not comfortable in, but wanted to learn more techniques about. I learned how to blend paint without it drying out and am now venturing into more paint based pieces rather than pastels.

Another highlight for me was an exercise where we, the campers, sketched dance scenes from classic movies and musicals like Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face, Westside Story, and the Sound of Music. This was extremely difficult for me because we had to sketch the dance scenes while they were going on. If we did have a scene that was stopped we had five minutes to sketch out the image on screen. Despite the difficulty of this exercise, I have grown more as an artist because of it.

It was an honor to be able to display my artwork at El Segundo’s Art Walk through ESMoA’s Summer Camp. I enjoyed the ESMoA Summer Camp because I was able to experiment with a different medium, painting; and discover different styles of art.

My experience with paint and body movements is what inspired my two final pieces that I displayed at the Art Walk (Dancing Blossoms and Ladies of the Lemon Tree). I wanted to continue to practice and work with paint while also incorporating moving human figures.


Upper left, Dancing Blossoms by Nayila Moore, acrylic on canvas, 2016. Lower right, Ladies of the Lemon Tree by Nayila Moore, acrylic on canvas, 2016.

All in all, this Summer Camp was the highlight of my summer. I became a stronger and more experienced artist than I thought I could be within two weeks. I have also learned that there is nothing I cannot do as long as I am open-minded and willing to push myself. I am proud to have been able to display my artwork in the Art Walk and to have attended the Summer Camp @ ESMoA. I am looking forward to the future programs ESMoA will have for teens.

Nayila Moore is a junior at El Segundo High School. Last Spring she was a member of ESMoA’s The Teen Thing and displayed her artwork in the “Out + About” installation at Recreation Park in El Segundo.

Nayila will be collaborating with the ESMoA Education team to design and coordinate programming for Teen audiences this Fall.

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