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“My life goal is to do what I love: create art. Working at ESMoA gave me that opportunity and showed me that it is possible. Learning how to find time to breathe, how to have fun on the job was arguably the most important lesson I got out of my internship.” – Michel Manalese, Social Media + Marketing Intern, Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship Program

Interning at ESMoA

ESMoA is pleased to offer learning opportunities for high-school, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate candidates to intern throughout the year on a case by case basis. Based on a system of mentorship, the internships enable participants to understand how an art laboratory operates and how to relate this experience to academic and professional goals.

High-school students seeking an internship must be 16 years-old or older. Credit can be arranged with schools or college/universities. Interested in interning at ESMoA? Email [email protected] with ‘Internship at ESMoA’ in the Subject line.

The Mychal’s/ESMoA Education Internship Program

The Mychal’s/ESMoA Education Internship program is a paid internship at ESMoA designed to introduce students from Mychal’s Path to Independence (P2I) program to future career opportunities in the arts/cultural organizations. Mychal’s interns learn gallery teaching methods and provide arts instruction for students who visit ESMoA for field trips. Our partnership began in 2013 and has flourished ever since.

Mychal’s Learning Place is an after-school and adult day program for individuals with developmental disabilities. Provides life skills training, job training, and social recreation opportunities. For more information about Mychal’s and their programs, visit